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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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Parallel Universe

A Girl on Roller Skates falls in love with a UPS Delivery Man, while a Hipster courts fast-talking Girl in a Blond Wig and a Slinky Black Dress, and it all happens real fast or at the same time or both.


America’s New War Strikes Back at Iraq before Iraq Strikes Back!

The Warmovie!

Merry Xmas

He and She. Here and There. Now and Then. Karma and the holiday season are seemingly at odds

Serpent’s Tooth

A gruesome murder results in dual interrogations that go to the heart of darkness.


A vampire play about an American History professor who seems to have been at Valley Forge.

America’s New War Strikes Back!

A play about characters whose lives are determined by events that are happening to everyone right NOW!

Remembrance of Fancy Nancy Past

or In Search of Lost Tim

Marcel Proust and a Marxist Historian lend their hands to a failed marriage that has left in its wake two damaged children, a grieving husband, and a runaway wife.


A Man, a Woman. An Old Man, and Old Woman. Blood coursing through their veins, pumping, pulsing. They wound themselves, each other, inside and out. Blood flows, messy, sticky, ugly, beautiful, until finally it stops.


The Votive Pit

The American Dream of public education has turned nightmare. School has become a votive pit, a trench we have dug and into which we pour the blood of our kids, so that the spirits of the dead may speak truths to us. Are we going to listen or not?

Agons to Arupa Chiarini’s Homeless

"This play is set along the banks of Sweetwater Branch, which runs through the world of the homeless in downtown Gainesville – through the Jungle, a homeless campground no one fusses about too much, since it is a place where toxic waste bubbles out of the ground; past St. Francis house, a shelter and soup kitchen; under the John Kelly Power Plant; through the green space of live oaks and hanging vines; past the Salvation Army. . ."



. . . At a major university in the south, there is only one god, and his name is BALL! Watch the Mighty Crocodiles play the smash-mouth game that takes place off the field in the plush Office of Student Life, where the "student-athletes" go for (largely financial) guidance and maintain their all-important academic eligibility.

Boston Baked Bean

Coach J is a black man trapped in a dead-end job at a poverty-stricken, rural public school in north-central Florida. His best friend is a tobacco-chewing, foul-mouthed redneck named Jerry Renko. Basically a two-hander for a Black actor and a white actor. However, there is a third important character, Carlucci, who is also white, the athletic director and straw man, who is a liberal apologist for the system.


The Game Game

It’s the early ‘80s version of channel-surfing: everything that happens on tv in an hour, when the best thing that’s on is "The Game Game," a wacky game show hosted by Blink Nightengale, where "bogus" points are awarded and brain cells deducted. For Three Men and a Woman, who play about 30 characters.

Play Money

A Pig meets a Weasel, who fleeces him and kills him. Act Two takes place in Heaven.

President Lear

The President of the United States has locked himself in the bathroom and is threatening to kill himself. . .

You Can’t Take a Picture of a Living Legend

The lyrics and libretto for a Musical based on the life of Basketball Hall of Fame Coach Ray Meyer of DePaul University in Chicago.

The Voyage of a Coral Prince

Don’t see many of these anymore. A Satyr Play. That’s right, a modern-day satyr play. The original satyr plays were presented in the ancient Greek festivals, and in them the playwrights brazenly satirized their own tragic themes. This satyr play takes place in Key West, where the Ghost of Tennessee Williams grins upon a gay Orestia.



Children’s plays

The Canterville Ghost

Marjorie Cordially and the Rhyming Machine


The Case of the Missing Numbers

The Invisible Guy

The Mark Book Show

Long Long Ago and Far Far Away on an Island in the Sea . . .

The Best Christmas You Ever Had

The Crazy Warehouse

The Queen of Outer Space

The Misadventures of Doctor Sureback and His Time Machine

Las Palabras del Mar

Androcles and the Lion

The Princess and the Pea


Short Plays and Monologues


Every Tear from Every Eye


Weather or Not

Gator Tale



Sunshine State Snapshots

The Infernal Bridegroom

Becomes a Babe

Drops of Blood


Radio Plays


A spiritual story for a multicultural cast.


A Man’s a Man

What would it be like if the Three Stooges did Brecht’s play all by themselves? We’ll never know. But this will give you an idea.

Scotch’d the Snake

The witches inspire Will Shakespeare to write Macbeth.

Dickens’ Dilemma

Writer’s Block? Charles Dickens? Fortunately for him, the creatures of his fancy, namely Pip, Pumblechook, Marley, Scrooge, Estella, Miss Havisham, arrive with an ample supply of plot.


Tropical Depression

The view of Key West you won’t get from the Conch Train, inside the West Key Bar in the late seventies, when the island was known as Smugglers Paradise.

A Progeny of Learning

A professor and his student, study to know one another . . .