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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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David Mamet's

American Buffalo

Shamrock McShane and Scot Davis star in David Mamet's classic drama American Buffalo.

See this site–specific staging that turns the Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Avenue, into Don's Re–sale Shop on the South Side of Chicago. Friday and Saturday at 8pm, October 5–20. Designed by and featuring Mike McShane.

Three crooks in a junk shop plot to rip off a coin collection in this award–winning drama by one of America's greatest playwrights.

Says Newsweek: "Mamet's ear is tuned to an American frequency."

American Buffalo comes out of Chicago and the 1970s, as does Gainesville actor–playwright Shamrock McShane. The play catapulted Mamet to stardom, as well as kick–starting the career of another of Gainesville's adopted sons, William H. Macy. Like his friend Macy, Shamrock McShane is a Mamet specialist.

Beginning with their performances in Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross in 1990, McShane and his partner Scot Davis, another long-time Gainesville favorite, have honed their Mamet technique to a fine point.

Mike McShane, who directed the movies It's All Good and The Votive Pit, is the production's designer and the third member of the trio of would–be crooks.

Ticket donations are $10 on a sliding scale. Call 376–4008 for more information.


Hippodrome Cinema
25 SE 2nd Place
Monday, April 9, 2007

Nominated for Best Picture at the 2007 Pumelo Independent Film Festival Mumbai, India