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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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At Common Grounds Monday, December 2, 2002
Featuring Jessica Arnold in a new play by Shamrock McShane

The Free Keys play The Shamrock
Thursday, November 21, 2002
The Free Keys — Josh Lederman, Teague Johnson, Lisa Ogden, Nick Elliot , Jesse Shlachtman

The Free Keys play Shambala
outdoors in the piney woods on a brisk autumn night in north-central Florida, southwest of Gainesville, at one in the morning with the night fires burning and saturnalia in the air, costumed revelers in the firelight…
Saturday, November 2, 2002
There was concept, and then there was execution, theory and then practice. This began with the music and musicians and their instruments, but first in their heads:
FreezeFred PinkElephants GhostRiders
TheCatCameBack HalloftheMountainKing
Depth Sounder HeBiteMe WarPigs
LandoftheDead NightoftheIronSausage

Work is currently being done in the Jam Cabin near Galleriebob in the heart of beautiful downtown Gainesville Florida…
There gather the artists who sing and play musical instruments and act out little plays, they do, they do. Among them are Josh Lederman, Gregg Jones, Teague Johnson, Lisa Ogden, Nick Elliot , Jesse Shlachtman, Jessica Arnold, and Shamrock McShane…
The work is being recorded on audio and video tape, in composition books, and taking various shapes, and morphing, and metamorphosing into who knows what?
What's up next?

G–Jones in Praying for Rain, directed by Sara Morsey, at Santa Fe Community College
through November 23, 2002
as Marley's Ghost in A Christmas Carol> at the Hippodrome
Jess in Sham's new play at Common Grounds:
The Sheila Bishop Holiday Special, December 2, 2002
And writing in The Satellite
Sham in An Evening with Sam Shepard at the Acrosstown on December 7, 2002
and writing in the Satellite

Halloween — NOCTURNE
A new play
with music by the Free Keys

Common Grounds
October 3, 2002
Crookedletter productions presents
Spoken Sex Words Part Two
original work about sex and sexuality to benefit the Civic Media Center
Jess Arnold, Sheila Bishop, Van Choojitarom, Lars Din, Molotonic , Frog, Chris Magee, Pilou Miller, Shamrock McShane, and Jimmy Schmidt.
Video work by Christina Bello and Lara Safire.
Thursday, October 3rd at Common Grounds,
919 W. University Avenue. Doors open at 8:00 p.m., show starts 8:30 sharp.
Sliding scale $5–10.
An ultrafine, superfabulous,divalicious
crookedletter production.

Cabarets from Sheila Bishop's crookedletter productions have become legendary.
Consider the oeuvre…

Sheila Bishop's crookedletter productions

Lick: love lost, sex sought

May 2002
(Reviewed in the Gainesville Sun — see Solar Power)

Wherever People Ain't Free:
Labor Legends and Activist Anecdotes

Including… Marvin the Marxist
by Marvin Rosen and Shamrock McShane
April 2002

Women Righting

February 2002

Sasha, Part One: The Awakening and Its Toll

With Shamrock McShane as Sasha
Written and directed by Sheila Bishop
February 2002

good life, good lies, good night


Fill My Cup by Shamrock McShane