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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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You Are Not Frank Sinatra

Tom Miller, Robert Dean Mowry, Scot Davis, Gregg Jones, Adam Lishawa, Ashley Gregg, Bobby McAfee, Sara Morsey, Jake Seymour, Heather Bruneau, George O¹Brien, David Maas, Johnny Rocket, Frog, Cindy Lasley, Carolyne Salt, Malcolm Sanford, Robyn Berg, Dan Kahn


Scot Davis and Shamrock McShane are at it again. This time they are Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison in Neil Simon's The Odd Couple.

Left to Right: Cindy Lasley, Scot Davis, and Carolyne Salt

After teaming up successfully last fall in David Mamet's American Buffalo, the longtime Gainesville duo decided to try something completely different and set all seriousness aside.

"This is a play about two guys who are friends who learn to hate each other and it brings them closer together," says McShane. "And Scot and I know guys just like that."

"My sentiments exactly," Davis adds, "and I couldn't disagree more."

Like American Buffalo, which turned the Civic Media Center into Don's Resale Shop, this Odd Couple will be like spending a weekend at Oscar's apartment.

There will be a poker game in progress when you arrive at the Eden Dinner Playhouse, which is what the boys are calling Expressions Academy, the charter school just south on 441 at 5408 SW 13th Street. The Odd Couple is a benefit for the school, which uses the arts as the basis of education.

The Odd Couple
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 20, 21, 22
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, March 27, 28, 29

Thursday and Friday at 8pm
Saturday 2pm matinee only!

The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, Thursday, & Friday at 8pm, & Saturday at 2pm, March 21–29, 2008, Eden Dinner Playhouse, 5408 SW 13th Street 352–376–4008

Murray     Dan Kahn
Speed     Mike McShane
Vinnie     Malcolm Sanford
Roy      Jake Seymour
Oscar     Shamrock McShane
Felix     Scot Davis
Gwendolyn     Carolyne Salt
Cecily     Cindy Lasley