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Chekhov used to say, I have my own theater, and people assumed he was talking about the Moscow Art Theatre, but then Chekhov would tap his forehead and say, . . . in here.

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MOON's last issue was published in April 2002. Look for NEW MOON RISING, an on-line publication at this site, featuring the writing of Shamrock McShane.

Shamrock McShane also writes theater for the Gainesville Sun. See: SOLAR POWER


I have been writing theater criticism since 1974. In Chicago, I wrote for The Oak Leaves (Pioneer Press) and The Oak Park World (Southtown Economist), as well as the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Star . (see Archives). What follows is a list of my writings on theater in Gainesville Florida from 1985 to the present.

(Please contact me, if you'd like a copy of any of these pieces.)

A prehistoric Shamrock has been unearthed in the pages of The Independent Florida Alligator . . .

Apr 26, '85 Landscape of the Body (Acrosstown/Star Garage)

May 23, '85 Serenading Louie (UF)

May 30, '85 Theater Notes

Jun 6, '85 Hello Dolly (GCP)

Jun 13, '85 Fool for Love (UF)

Jun 20, '85 Taming of the Shrew (UF)

Jul 11, '85 Hipp Season Not a Gamble

Jul 18, '85 They're Playing Our Song (Hipp)

Aug 1, '85 Cabaret (UF)

Aug 30, '85 Pirates of Penzance (GCP)

Sep 27, '85 The Torch (UF)

Who's Happy Now? (UF)

1996-present MOON:

Aug '96 Season Preview: Hippodrome, Gainesville Community Playhouse, Acrosstown Repertory Theatre, University of Florida, Santa Fe Community College, Ocala Civic Theatre

Sep '96 Carousel (GCP); Playwright Sarah Bewley

Oct '96 Sylvia (Hipp), Man for All Seasons (GCP),

The Boys Next Door (SFCC), Culture Movement (Acrosstown)

Nov '96 True West (Acrosstown), Mary, That's a Boy's Name (Melody Club);

Profile: Sarah Bewley

Dec '96 A Christmas Carol (Hipp), The Taming of the Shrew (Acrosstown)

Jan '97 Profile: Writer/Director Sybil Odom, All Children's Theatre

Feb '97 Freefall (Acrosstown)

Mar '97 A Streetcar Named Desire (Hipp)

Apr '97 The Oscars; 1984 (Acrosstown)

May '97 Teen Play Fest (Hipp); The Invisible People (ACT);

How the Other Half Lives (GCP); Sandman (Acrosstown)

Jun '97 The Acrosstown Shakespeare Company

Jul '97 Profile: Playwright Jeffrey Sweet

Aug '97 Profile: Director Lauren Caldwell, Hippodrome

Sep '97 Steel Magnolias (GCP)

Oct '97 Dracula (Hipp)

Nov '97 Macbeth (everyday theater) reviewed by Colin Whitworth

Dec '97 Profile: Actor William H. Macy

Jan '98 Profile: Actor Rusty Salling, Hippodrome

Feb '98 Santa Fe Community College Shakespeare Fest

Mar '98 The Glass Menagerie (Hipp)

Apr '98 Judevine (SFCC),

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (Acrosstown)

May '98 Private Eyes (Hipp)

Jun '98 Florida Studio Theatre; Miss 1988 ; SFCC one-acts

Jul '98 Search and Destroy (Pariah Theatrics)

Aug '98 Profiles: Designer Denise Mondschein and Playwright Matthew David

Sep '98 William H. Macy Visits the Hipp for The Last Night of Ballyhoo

Oct '98 Horrors: Little Shop of Horrors (GCP), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Hipp), Hogtown Horrors (Acrosstown)

Nov '98 Orestes (UF)

Dec '98 Xmas: Chirstmas Carol/Tuna Christmas (Hipp),

Miracle on 34th Street (GCP); Angel Hush (Acrosstown)

Jan '99 How I Learned to Drive (Hipp)

Feb '99 Squabbles (GCP)

Mar '99 Gross Indecency (Hipp)

Apr '99 The Good Person of Sichuan (UF); Teen Play Fest (Hipp)

May '99 The Shammies

Jun '99 Playwrights Arupa Chiarini, Sarah Bewley, Mary Hausch, and Shamrock

Jul '99 Profile: Designer Marilyn Wall-Asse, Hippodrome

Aug '99 Marie and Bruce (Pariah Theatrics/Rapscallions of the Periphery)

Sep '99 As Bees in Honey Drown (Hipp)

Oct '99 The Fringe Fest; Frankenstein (Hipp);

A Short History of the Devil (Jobsite, Tampa); A View of the Dome (Rapscallions)

Nov '99 Frankenstein (Hipp); Amadeus (UF); The Diviners (SFCC);

Homeless in Gainesville FL (Homeless Book and Theater Project)

Dec '99 A Critical Credo: Amadeus (UF)

Jan 2000 The Piano Lesson (Acrosstown)

Feb 2000 The Importance of Being Earnest (UF)

Mar 2000 Hedda Gabler (Hipp)

Apr 2000 Hamlet (Acrosstown)

May 2000 The Shammies

June 2000 The Tony Awards

July 2000 Profile: Actress Nicole Simpkiss Dickson

Aug 2000 The Season (Hipp, Acrosstown, GCP);

A Decade of Gainesville Theater

Sep 2000 Boys in the Band (Acrosstown), Cheese (Rapscallions)

Oct 2000 Hysteria (Hipp)

Nov 2000 Angels in America (UF), Enemy of the People (Acrosstown),

Hysteria (Hipp)

Dec 2000 Xmas Carols, More Letters to the Editor

Jan 2001 The Blue Room (Hipp)

Feb 2001 Porn versus Art (Common Grounds), Amistad (Acrosstown)

Mar 2001 Macbeth (Hipp)

April 2001 Curse of the Starving Class (Acrosstown)

May 2001 The Shammies; Summer Reading (In Search of Lost Time, Capital, The Magus)

June 2001 Homecoming (Boulevard Arts), House of Ma (Wild Angels), Hedwig and the Angry Inch (Hipp)

July 2001 Richard III (UF), Bash (Thursday Afternoon Productions)

Aug 2001 The Music Scene: Vini and the Demons

On the Aisle -- Producers and Directors: Sheila Bishop, David Shelton, Sid Homan, Ralph Remshardt, David Young, Lauren Caldwell, Mary Hausch, Jessica Arnold, Lowrie Fawley

Sep 2001 Dinner with Friends (Hipp)

Oct 2001 Art and Tragedy

Nov 2001 Misery (Hipp), Acrosstown News

Dec 2001 Profile: Actor Gregg Jones

Jan 2002 Profile: David Mamet

Feb 2002 Seven Guitars (Acrosstown), Out of Eden/America's New War Strikes Back! (Galleriebob)

Mar 2002 The Diary of Anne Frank (Hippodrome)

April 2002 Julius Caesar (Acrosstown)