A Letter to Mr. Nate Hensley of Scene Magazine

Dear Mr. Hensley,

I have been communicating with Mr. Schlenker to have my movie It's All Good! reviewed. I sent him a copy of the film and he saw it. He congratulated me on the film and said, "The editing and music set a great tone." When I asked Mr. Schlenker if the movie would be reviewed in the Scene, he replied, "Quite frankly, we don't do many &ndash if any &ndash movie reviews here." Your article on "Chappelle's Show Season 2" intrigued me when you said, "Usually this column is all about movies. But, sometimes, there is simply nothing new and interesting under the sun," in the way of movies.

I have enclosed my locally–made documentary that I sent to Mr. Schlenker. It chronicles the controversial play America's New War Strikes Back! written by Shamrock McShane and Jessica Arnold. It "documents a process and reveals 'America's New War' to be less a play than a kind of movement," says actor Van Choojitarom. The artists attempted "to perform this piece as one would wage a war." They mounted the work in stages "just like a war." The movie follows the performers as they play at Terranova and rehearse around the center of the universe &ndash Gainesville Florida. The movie asks key questions about life, the play, and everything.

The play's goal was to promote freedom speech. "Use it. Practice it. If you take it for granted, it's gonna be gone," as Jesus said. At a benefit performance on the one-year anniversary of the 9/11, firefighters, veterans, and frat boys swarmed the stage, threatened the actors and stopped the play. On that night freedom of speech was questioned and proved that censorship is still alive in America.

Along with the movie is a copy of the review by Lenny Pollack. In the e-mail Mr. Schlenker sent to me, Mr. Schlenker hopes that the Gainesville Sun will do movie reviews down the road. I hope that you will watch this film and forge the way for the Scene by reviewing this movie.

Mike McShane

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